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Enterprise Support

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The top-ranked countries in Enterprise Support are Singapore, and the United States.

Beyond gross measures of inputs and outputs it is also important to consider factors which impact commercial operations in a country.

The metrics in the Enterprise Support category evaluate a country’s business friendly features, and the availability of capital in various forms.

Consider that even if other metrics such R&D intensity or IP protection are strong, without Enterprise Support, it may be prohibitively difficult to start or grow a company. Alternatively, countries with low activity in biotechnology may enact policies creating a more-supportive business environment, whereas countries with strong biotechnology sectors may leverage their strength to levy taxes. In other cases, small economies wishing to avoid a 'bubble' have intentionally instituted policies directed at limiting growth.

The chart below shows the country scores for Enterprise Support, ordered by rank and alphabetically by country name. Scroll down to the Enterprise Support metrics for highlights of top performers in each metric.

Enterprise Support

Top Scores in Enterprise Support

Metric Highlights

Scores in these individual metrics are averaged to produce the overall category score shown above

Business friendly environment

The top-ranked countries in Business friendly environment are New Zealand, Singapore, and Denmark.

Biotechnology venture capital

The top-ranked countries in Biotechnology venture capital are the United States, Canada, and France.

VC availability

The top-ranked countries in VC availability are Qatar, Malaysia, Finland, Israel, Singapore, and the United States.

Capital availability

The top-ranked countries in Capital availability are Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

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