Scientific American Worldview

Scientific American asked thinkBiotech to rank and compare the strength of global biotechnology industries. Going beyond rough regional comparisons that provided little detail on the status of individual countries, thinkBiotech produced the Worldview scorecard – the first ever comprehensive global assessment of biotechnology innovation capacity at a country-by-country basis. The latest publication, and archives of previous issues, is available at Scientific American Worldview.

DC Biotech

DC Biotech is an informal high-level biotechnology networking group, established in Washington DC by thinkBiotech. The meetings attract local researchers, government employees, and other industry professionals, and are intended to facilitate interactions among the unique mix of science, policy, and industry leaders in the DC area.

DNA-o-gram Generator

The DNA-o-gram Generator is a fun project that enables individuals to ‘encode’ messages using a cipher based on the DNA code. Because this methodology follows the basic mechanisms employed in molecular biology, the DNA-o-gram generator is used by educational programs to bolster classroom learning.